A little background…

I played my first game of golf when I was sixteen. Shot 75. The game seemed almost too easy and not worth pursuing.

Convinced that I had some natural ability, my father registered me for a series of lessons with a local club professional.

After four months of weekly lessons and dedicated practice, I couldn’t break 100! The instructor kept reassuring me that, sooner or later, the new technique would “sink in”.

It never did.

Having completely lost my natural swing, I sought the advice of six different instructors over the next two years. Every teacher offered a different diagnosis on my swing faults. Frustrated and discouraged, I quit golf to focus on a career in Psychiatry.

After obtaining a Psychology degree, I took a year off to review my options. Another four years of university and three years of medical school was a daunting prospect. I wanted to see how my newfound knowledge applied in a real-life situation

My frustrating experience with golf was still vivid in my mind.

After thirty-two years of teaching, I believe the biggest roadblock to improvement for the once-a-week golfer is an obsession with proper technique.

The “secret” to re-creating your best shots is to forget swing mechanics for 1.5 seconds and just hit the damn ball!

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Additional Information

  • Former twenty-six year member of
    Canadian Professional Golfers Association (CPGA)
  • Director of Instruction Bloomington Downs Golf Centre (Thirty one years)
  • Taught over eleven-thousand lessons
  • Author: Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series
  • Creator (with Rick Davis) Two DIY Golf Learning Programs on Udemy
  • Youtube channel DaveJohnstongolf (currently 2k subscribers)
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