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After watching literally thousands of golf videos on Youtube, your instructions seem overly simplistic. Do you really believe every aspect of the game can be reduced to three essential elements?

Permit me to offer a brief personal history. I had no intention of teaching golf as a career. After shooting in the seventies without any formal instruction, I had aspirations of playing the game for a living. Looking for guidance, I spent the next two seasons investing in lessons from several renowned instructors. After following a rigorous practice schedule, I couldn't break 100! Every teacher had a different opinion regarding the flaws in my technique. This humiliating experience led me into a career of helping fellow golfers who simply want to be more consistent.

The Three Keys To Consistency video series is based on the essential elements in every effective swing. Once you understand how these elements affect the results, then you can stop relying on diverse opinions and build your own unique swing.

I've played for eleven years and take lessons every season. While I like the instructor, it seems like we keep reviewing the same problems every Spring. Any suggestions?

You're not alone! That's a common lament among the majority of my students. The basic theme of the book series is offering guidelines for breaking this pattern. Constantly reminding yourself of mistakes simply makes them indelible. The "secret" to breaking through this "glass ceiling" is an awareness of the tendency and a routine that will help you quickly recall the feel of your best shots.

Are you available for on-line instruction? If so, what is the fee?

About one-third of my clientele are on-line students. The fee is time-based. One half-hour is $50.00 and one hour is $85.00. The time is not rigid so any remaining time will be included in another session. If you register for a half-hour and only need twenty minutes, the remaining ten minutes can be "banked". Each session includes video analysis and written synopsis.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more details:

Is the scenario described in Just Hit The Damn Ball! real or simply a storytelling vehicle?

The accidental meeting between myself and the older gentleman is a real event that occurred ten years ago. At the time, I had no intention of writing a book. Four years later, I realized that I fell into the same trap that seduces many once a week golfers; the misconceptions about practice, lessons and the belief that the key to improvement is recalling mistakes.

Did you really know Moe Norman?

I met Moe Norman through my boss when I was working as an assistant at the Scarlett Woods Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Moe would pop by and chat about how the game is being taught. He would often repeat "'s all wrong." To be honest, at the time I thought he was a little wacko. After playing one round with him, my whole belief system was radically altered. While I wouldn't recommend trying to copy his technique, incorporating the key elements will help any golfer play better.

His axiom "be a mind beater - not a ball beater" is a fundamental tenet of my instruction.


I look forward to helping you play better than you ever thought possible! Feel free to send me an email with any questions/comments: